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Create your legacy.  Be a Bulldog.  Clark Prep Bulldogs are disciplined scholars who contribute to the community.  Walk through our halls and you will feel the power of historic alumni and engaged students.  We believe a college education is essential to becoming a 21st century citizen, so we prepare you, starting day one. Today at Clark Prep students are completing rigorous classwork, applying to colleges and scholarship programs, visiting colleges and summer programs around the country.  You are a future college graduate.  You are a bulldog.  

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  • Clark Prep has a wide variety of arts enrichment programs.
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October 14 2015

End of First Quarter, Early Dismissal

Dismissal at 12:30PM

October 21 2015

Report Card Conferences, Early Dismissal

Dismissal at 12:30PM

Conferences from 2PM to 7PM

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What it means to be a bulldog

Students and teachers from Joseph S. Clark Preparatory High School describe their school experience.